Good day to everyone, I would like to grab a little time to introduce myself to each reader. I am Richard, a former fabrication supervisor, welding quality analyst, and auto cad programmer on my past company in the Philippines. I’ve been conducting different designs which could give distinct functions in my department. I've furthermore engaged in making specific jigs and fixtures to make the fabrication procedures more efficient and lessen man hours in every task or job.

Here are some of my designs and samples of fixtures and jigs.

As a welding quality analyst, it is my duty and responsibility to check and approve all welding process and implements the proper procedure for welding by the company standards. here are some of the samples of water tanks and oil tanks that are being used in the mining industry in Australia. from frames to the whole body truck being fabricated from the Philippines and exported to Australia.

Now without further ado, here is the start of being here herein in Japan which is as I was been selected and hired as a welder in FUWA COMPANY.

At first, it was mixed emotions about how would I impart my knowledge skills to every task or duty that would be given to me. due to language, barrier it is hard for me to, immerse myself in my responsibilities. but as time goes by, I’ve already been doing my job as it was to be. I’ve learned also to adjust and adapt the proper way of working by its standards. I’ve also managed to lower my pride and enjoy my career here in this company. here at this company, you could enhance and level up your skill, knowledge, and techniques to make your task easier and more efficient. all of your co-workers and even our company president will help you, guide you, and even teach you to perfect your job and task.

In this company, we have also given time to ease our stress and refresh by giving us opportunities to spend time with each other as bonding time for everyone. we also have a chance to experience things that are new to us. like company outings and recreations.

The company is said to be a team for it’s each and everyone has their role and obligation for any job we do.

As for now, this will be my teaser vlog for a more interesting and challenging journey in life here at this company. up next vlog. I will let you see and read more about what we do in our daily tasks, jobs, duty, and responsibilities that are given to us.

Until next time. God blessed and more power to all, I would take the opportunity to say thank you so much for spending time to read and patiently wait for another vlog.



私はリチャードと申します。以前はフィリピンの会社で製造スーパーバイザー、溶接品質アナリスト、自動 CAD プログラマーとして働いていました。