My Japan journeys

Hello; Good day by the way I’m Ronnie Dial Zarate. I’m from Philippines.

I entered in company of Fuwa kogyo as a trainee last April 26, 2016.

My journey in Japan it was not easy at first in terms of their culture, language, food, and environment.

My first arrived in Japan I was mixed emotion happy because I can fulfill my dreams for my family sad because I’m far away from them and scared because I don’t know what life I have there.

But I just doing it as an inspiration and motivation to become strong person and to face the all challenges in life little by little I’m learning the culture and language, being a welder there are many times when I made mistakes and scolded but I accept it to correct and fixed may mistake that I’ve done and take that as motivation to be good in my profession.

In Japan even if we’re different nationalities, I’m still have many friends there and they treated me as a family even if it’s not by blood because of that I learned many things at work.

Not just about of welding and also other things in work because they help me to learned the things and not just focus on what I can do.

As a member of Fuwa kogyo, I learned welding, scaffolding, painting, fit up, erecting different parts of boiler material and many more etc.

When entering Japan, I never expect that earned lots of memories and experiences that I could not imagined. Because there are only two seasons in the Philippines rainy and summer season only here in Japan had four seasons…!

I love winter because I tried to tried to experience the ice skating its was enjoyable and amazing adventures I ever had and I also love blossom season the view filled in Sakura season flower over Japan is refreshing and relaxing experience seeing the beauty of nature; there’s more I’m very happy when I eaten different variations of ramen.

I’m very blessed and thankful to have a great memories and experiences with you here in Japan.

I will cherish this great opportunity that you give me.

I will never forget and regret it I’m very thankful and I want to express my gratitude especially to my boss Ryoji Murakawa.

My fellow Coworkers and Japanese leaders who are always supporting, teaching and guiding me to be able for me to grow my skills and also thank you to all the staff and personnel…

Thank you very much Fuwa kogyo I love you all.