My FUWA Company Journey

こんにちは!三重県四日市市にある 株式会社楓和工業です。

今週は特定技能1号 ジュリウスさんのブログをお届けします🌸

Hello everyone, My name is Julius Purisima,A Filipino Citizen currently working in This Company for more than 6 years in Construction Division under Specific skilled working Visa(former trainee visa)p


I’m a fit-up welder in Hanjin Philippines before I work in this company, Mr. Murakawa (company president)personally selected me on 2016


At first, it’s so hard for me to work and stay here because everything here was so different compared to my work and life in my home country plus the language and culture. But because of the good fellowship in this company I was able to adjust in all factors that I need.

(最初は、ここで働き、ここに滞在するのがとても大変でした。なぜなら、母国での仕事や生活、さらには言語や文化と比べて、ここでのすべてが大きく異なっていたからです。 しかし、この会社の良い仲間のおかげで、必要なすべての要素を調整することができました。)

Here, I’m not only able to enhance my working skills, but this company also expend time, money and effort to expand the ability of every employee such as work and leadership training that can used in everyday task.

Also, because of my work in different construction site, I have the opportunity to visit various beautiful places here in Japan like Disneyland and Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, Gundam Factory in Yokohama,Universal studio Japan in Osaka and many more.



I’m still looking forward to gain more knowledge, skills at my work here and chances to visit many places so please watch out for my next blog

Thank you for spending time to read this and God bles