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Hi there! Welcome to my first blog at Fuwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. Enjoy!!



I am Mr. D, I was hired on April 4th 2022 to be a Clerk and an Interpreter for the OFW ‘s (Overseas Filipino Workers) in the company.

In the month of April, there were 4 new OFW’s coming to the company. 2 trainees and 2 SSW’s plus Me, a total of 5 new Filipinos were added. I was very lucky to have a good superior to look at me even though she’s busy.


What do guys do on your holidays?


I have a band named pressure. We are an Alternative rock band. We’re doing Gigs focusing in Mie prefecture, but we also had tour here in Japan. And because of it, I almost not in my house.

pressure(アーティスト写真) Twitter - @pressure_mie

pressure(@pressure_mie)さん / Twitter


The photo above is our Artist picture. We are a mixed of Filipino and Japanese.


I am the Bassist of the band. I recommend the sound of the Bass if you love the heavy sounds!


We formed the band when we were in high school. It was to perform on the stage of the Cultural Festival at first. But we are still playing after all when we noticed. Our former members were a mixed of 3 Brazilians and 2 Filipinos for a total of 5 person. Unfortunately, all of the Brazilian left. The Japanese girl is our new drummer.

2020/3/28に 2ndデモ “it’s a colorful world”のCD発売と同時にツアーも周り始めました。香川県から始まって、一番遠くて西は山口県、東は山形県まで回りました。この2年間で沢山のライブハウスに出演させていただきました。ツアーと同時にコロナも全国ツアーをし始めたので、中々動けない状況でした…。


In the time of March 28th 2020, we released our 2nd Demo CD. And at the same time, also had the Tour for it. We went to the far west of Yamaguchi prefecture and Yamagata prefecture from the east. We were very unlucky because the boom of infection of the Covid19 was a big hazard. We had our Gigs in every prefecture Livehouses, but it continued for 2 years due to the quarantine.

Our tour had finally reached its goal and had our Final Tour Gig in our home Livehouse “SuzukaANSWER”.



pressure barret - YouTube

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