Hello everyone

I’m Shima from fuwa kogyou located at Mie.

Pref Yokkaichi city.

I just started work here last year of oct. and I'm still learning new skills it's difficult but I need to keep studying and try and try until. I succeed trust the process, my 1st 3 month. Here I just practiced welding for my examinations to welding license cert. I'm still nervous every time I'll get the exam although. I practice a lot but sometimes I'll lose myself but it's ok I just need to relax and keep pushing myself.

After I take Exam. I just started work outside at first. I feel nervous because I don't have any idea what kind of work outside and everybody tells me it's difficult and yes! It's difficult but if you do the same way every day to think positive the whole time It will be easy just keep going. And it's kind a work out too you'll gain muscle you lose weight like you do daily exercise at gym..

And I couldn't carry this pipe not a lot but at least 4pcs of pipe. At first, I didn't think it was as heavy as I expected.

But it wasn't like lifting a dumbbell. Thank you to everyone who will read this.

Until next time keep safe and god bless us all.

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