New Journey

Hello Everyone!!

I'm Rin from Fuwa Kogyou located at Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi-shi.

First of all I would like to greet all of you with a Happy New Year!!

A new year is another beginning, I hope that we're going to have a healthy and abundant life throughout this year.

Last year as we all know, is a very challenging year due to disagreements of every country, natural disasters that happened in every corner of the world and the Pandemic that killed millions of people. We don't know when this will stop but one thing is for sure, we will overcome this no matter what. Now that the vaccine is already Invented and started to be distributed, I hope that there are no bad side effects to each and everyone of us, so we will be able to continue to live life in a normal way as we usually do. Many people are very skeptical but we have to trust the process.

Starting this Month we are going to prepare for work in another place. It is almost two years since the last time that we worked distantly. If you ask me there is a mix of emotion of excitement and a little fear at the same time because of new challenges that we are going to face/encounter all the way to our journey even though I already have experience, I still need to give more time and effort to enhance the skills. As of now I have the chance to practice all over again, To be ready on our next job elsewhere.

I am hoping that I will be able to make it without any trouble and most importantly end up safe.

On other hand, our Boss is practicing as well for the upcoming test that will take place here in our company and this is called a Welding Method Confirmation Test. As you can see, our boss is

teaching and demonstrating to us how to weld this kind of material. I feel happy since it is another additional knowledge, not only for me but for all of us.

For the time being I have to say bye for now, until next time. Keep safe everyone and God Bless Us All Fuwa Industry Co., Ltd. is looking for new friends Pls. Reach out or You can also see the job Information and application guidelines on our website.