Winter is coming #Christmas Season

Hello and Good Day Everyone!!

It's me again Rin of Fuwa Kogyou Co.,Ltd. located in Yokkaichi City Mie Prefecture.

It was summer time when I made my previous blog. It is just seems recently, but

now the winter is already coming. Right now I feel the breeze of Christmas. In the Philippines when the ( "BerMonth") started, it is also the beginning of the countdown for Christmas.

We are started preparing the gifts we are going to buy or share to our relatives and friends.

Christmas for us is so Special particularly for the kids, it is also a time for getting

together Of family and friends and different events happening in every corner of

our Country as well.

Since the winter is coming, we need to extra careful. It is hard to imagine that the

Pandemic is almost a year already which affected millions of people all over the world as of this writing. God is always Good, for sure this will end soon and life must continue with full of positivity and happiness...

When we finished our work from Kawagoe, we came back to our factory to throw away unnecessary stuff and clean our mess.

It feels good to do our work if everything is organized and cleaned specifically the surroundings. Afterwards, we did maintain our welding machine, we replaced the old cable to a new one, the input and output and the old torch we changed it also.

It is my first time to remove and to connect a cable from a machine to make a

holder torch.

I am happy because it is another addition to my knowledge and skill and I will be able to use it In my job and in the future ..

For now I have to end this, until next time Keep Safe and stay Healthy Everyone.

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