It is FUWA KOGYOU Co. Ltd, in yokkaichi mie prefecture.

Hello! I'm Ana, I'm not used to doing blogs but actually my 2nd time. and i'm not sure if i can do it right this time. Come with me as I share some photos showing our work place.

"COMPANY" a place where we do our different role and task. We consider it as our second home because we spend more time being here rather than staying with our family. It is the only witness of our hardship, dedication and sacrifices that we've been through, " as they said life is like an endless journey, the more we take the roads the more we are getting better"

This the signage placed in front of our work place.. honestly I don’t know what’s written. because I Don’t know how to read Kanji.

But using translator camera it is read as “No nL - gai-kai ni murasaki ryri wa kgy kabushiki-gata” Industrial Company Ltd.. it’s really hilarious depending on a translator. does it make sense? ..well for me it’s quite interesting

Our cozy office. Its not that spacious as what the other office does.

but it’s like a framework of our Job.

Our Pantry, this is where we spend out break time. chatting while eating lunch is the best refreshing!

And of course our bottom less supply of water.. want to drink some? ..I'm sure you did.

My most favorite place on earth. I love coffee more than anything else. I’m glad that we have an endless supply of dolce gusto.

Our locker room.. where we put our important belongings.. maximum level of security.

I can say that we are privileged to have these clean toilets.

Our work place... it’s in my heart and in my soul... where I practice my intellect everyday.

after I have shown what is inside, then I will show you what we have outside.

Our storage room this is where we store large size and heavy equipments.

It has vending machine, And Our parking space.. we don’t need to walk meters away just to be in our work. it’s again our privileged.

Hope I did it right, and hope you enjoyed it well. See you in my next blog!!

Fuwa Kogyou co. Ltd is looking for new human resources!!