Summer time is here!

Hello everyone,

Good Day!

It is Fuwa Kogyou Co.,Ltd. located in Yokkaichi City Mie Prefecture.

Once again it is me Rin, Summer time is here i would recommend to be more careful and drink a lot of water to avoid any exhaustion, heat stroke and dehydration. Also extra careful especially now that we are facing crisis globally due to pandemic of Corona Virus. It is something that we don't see that might affect our health condition unknowingly and kill us all. So keep in mind about social distancing to avoid any virus transmission.

Today is already a month of June and we are all assigned to work outside. Our meeting place is at the factory which is our daily routine. Our service is already waiting to the outdoor and we are about to leave. They are very strict on implementing the policy on wearing mask, checking body temperature and made sure that both hands are being sanitized.

These are my co-workers, we are now in the shuttle service, on the way to the site and as you can see everyone is Happy, excited and ready to work. Though our jobs are not that easy, still you will feel that there's no sign of dull moments and feel the passion from their eyes. It is very important that you enjoy what you are doing to get good result.

They forgot to observe social distancing ^_^

Now, we are working new site.

that the place where we are currently working which is located at Kawagoe City. It is a small boiler and I am one of the people who do the welding here, it is very delicate ,fuzzy and many tight places that you have to weld. It is another challenging day but fun and exciting because of the full support of the people around me. It is boosting the morale when you know that you are surrounded by positive people.. That's all for now see you next time again.

As a reminder: The A,B,C it will save you if you follow it "Always Be Careful"

Fuwa Industry Co.,Ltd. is looking for new Human Resources employees. Any interested please reach out.