It is Fuwa Kogyou co. Ltd, In yokkaichi mie prefecrure,

My name is Ana, I am a Filipina. I have been here in Japan for more than a decade already since year 2008. I have been part of Fuwa Kogyou since 2018 as a welder. You are wondering how I have become part of this Company? Please let me tell you the whole story. In 2017, I was one of the employees of the company that is related from press and robot welding machine. It was a great experienced and undescribable feeling how good and challenging to do this kind of job. Since then I was hoping that I am going to be a full time welder. One time, I was given an opportunity to study in Hello Work which is a vocational course related to welding and it took 6 Months to finish my schooling there.

After I finished my vocational in Hello Work, they recommended me to the Fuwa Kogyou and had a chance to become part of this Company. As they say "don't stop to dream" always be optimistic. "If they can do it, you can also do it" If you won't believe in yourself, who else you can expect to believe in you. When I entered in Fuwa Kogyou, my first job is to study/practice of TIG welding and get a license related to this by the guidance of Mr. Murakawa, our president and senior leaders.

After a Month of study, they let me work outside of the company, at the very beginning it is a little bit hard but through the help of my co-workers everything turned out well, happy and it was really a team work effort.

After tiring day in our work, we went out and had fun together with our co-workers.

Last February I took up another license for stainless pipe.

Every year, our President always encourage us to upgrade, in order for us to be equipped and versatile to different skills. He always allows us to practice during our free time, to keep us improving.

Next on my blog, I will show you the exact thing that we do as welder. See you, until next time! Keep safe and God bless you all. Thank you.

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