My first time blog 2020

Hello Everyone, this is Fuwa Kogyou of Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture.

My name is Rin and this is my first-time blog for year 2020.I've become part of fuwa kogyou on April 2018 as a Welder. But before I entered to this Company, I studied to the Vocational School for six (6) months through Metal Course and it was all about Bond and Arc Welding of the Base Metal.

After I finished my Vocational School, I need to have a courage to apply in Fuwa Company and they accepted me even I am girl. On my first duty to the company, our Leader name Mr.Murakawa (村川社長) which is the President of Fuwa Kogyou explained, taught and guided each and every one of us the kind of work we have here in the company and this is how started my journey as a welder. After few months of working in the factory (工場) I was able to join them to the business trip (出張) of the company located at Wakayama Prefecture.

This was my First time in a Trip (2018 of October) through the leader of our President Mr.Murakawa (社長) At first I had nervous and scary feeling since it is my first time to work outside and I was surrounded by different people .Also, there is a skeptical feeling that I won't be able to do the task at hand. But through the help, guidance and teaching of our President, Co. Leaders and Co. Workers, all pessimistic feelings disappeared and thankful that they didn't give up on me up to now...

For now, this Year 2020, I am also working outside of the Factory located at Yokkaichi Mie Prefecture (Clean Center) where the Fuwa Kogyou is the maintenance of this place through the leadership of Mr. Tezuka and it is what we do here.

That's all for now.... See you in my next blog. thank you every one have a good day!!! Always remember "Prevention is Better than Cure" Keep Safe Always :)